Customised Site & Vegetation Clearance

Site and vegetation clearance is a highly specialised task that often requires strict guidelines and tight timeframes.

Taylors Environmental Group provides large-scale site and vegetation clearance that can encompass the entire process from beginning to end.

Our proven ability to comply with the requirements of project managers at each stage of the task has been central to our success.

This is backed up by exacting OH&S processes, a highly mobile fleet that includes state-of-the-art equipment, and rigorous maintenance in line with industry standards.

We also have the capacity to put crews on site quickly for urgent tasks that require a fast turnaround, whether large or small scale.

Our fleet includes specialised grinders that convert trees into mulch instantly and have excellent fuel efficiency. They produce top-grade bush mulch at a range of consistencies, and this is made available to customers to enhance soil quality and reduce water use.

To find out more about our Site & Vegetation Clearance services, call us today on 03 9720 6025.

A Broad Range of Services

With Taylors you can be sure of a proficient service that covers every aspect of site and vegetation clearance, including:

  • Aerial inspections and GIS mapping
  • Contract management
  • Negotiation with stakeholders
  • Strict conformance with all industry and client standards

We also offer:

  • Railway vegetation clearance
  • Clearance of conservation areas and zones of limited access
  • Onsite monitoring by qualified ecologists
  • Timber mulching and stump grinding
  • Restoring and replanting of cleared areas
  • Site clearance in both metropolitan and rural areas