Leaders in Green Waste Recycling

Modern organisations are increasingly aware of the need to direct green waste away from landfill.

Taylors Environmental Group is committed to maintaining the ecological balance of landscapes. To this end, we have been incorporating green waste management and recycling into all our tree management services for decades.

Our proven ability to comply with the requirements of project managers at each stage of the task has been central to our success.

With each project the circle of recycling is completed. All branches, roots, stumps and prunings produced in the course of our work are returned to the environment in the form of high-grade mulch.

This helps to control weeds and reduce the need for watering, which in turn reduces reliance on herbicides. We're proud to be part of the national recycling effort while at the same time benefiting the urban environment.

Conservation Services

Each project we complete involves carefully assessing how to minimise our impact on the surrounding area and obeying environmental protocols.

Our expert ecologists and certified arborists are available to consult for business organisations and government bodies on protecting the integrity of areas of high conservation value.

To find out more about our Green Waste Management & Recycling services, call us today on 03 9720 6025.